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L*nd o' L*nks
Raging Cormorants
Folding Fans and Menopause


Standard Rants:

It's not a bug -- it's a feature!

What is/was your most strongly-felt menopause "feature"?

hot flashes/night sweats
fuzzy thinking
emotional changes
heavy/prolonged bleeding
HRT side-effects
annoying gynecologists

Current Results
This set of pages is an outgrowth of my regular postings on the newsgroup

I began posting there in fall 1996, using my full name and the e-mail address I changed my AOL e-mail address to when I realized that my postings were being archived on Dejanews, but returned to my original AOL address in 1999. I cancelled my AOL account in summer 2002 and have not decided how, or even whether, to access since I have passed into the great beyond of postmenopausal zest.

My "official" home page can be found at this location. From there, you can find links to my professional affiliations as well as to some web sites that I maintain pro bono.

I also am the current keeper of an online resource, called "Land o'Links". This is not a content site, nor is it an exhaustive list of all online resources related to menopause. Rather, it is a sampling of sites, arranged topically, to provide a single-page point of entry for the midlife woman. It can be saved on one's hard drive with little effort and used even if the host site goes offline.

Menopause: Online Resources
The best resource for menopause is a healthy attitude mingled with some old-fashioned common sense. There's a constellation of 33 symptoms that has been associated with menopause in the minds of many women. Some of these symptoms may be simply symptoms of aging -- after all, men of our age have aching joints and difficulty remembering names, too. In our case, though, these symptoms tend to wrap themselves around the "traditional" menopausal symptoms of hot flashes, mood swings, and menstrual irregularities to create a complex and always-shifting set of challenges for the mid-life woman.

It's important to be aware that the process of ending one's reproductive life can extend for a decade or more with a shifting array of symptoms and severity. It's not a few months of scanty periods and hot flashes for most of us, although some women simply stop menstruating and that's that. Some women sail through it, some are completely overwhelmed by it, but most of us have a little trouble with it and manage to cope with some combination of homely remedies, supplemental hormones, and the support of like-minded women.

Menopause: Online Resources

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