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Image derived from CorelDraw illustration created by a fellow menobabe who is also a fan collector. Adapted and used with permission.

Folding Fans and Menopause

Sadly, the folding fan went out of general use early in the twentieth century. This is a shame. The fan is at once a gracious personal accessory and a very effective, low-tech, on-demand personal cooling device -- perfect for the midlife woman.

In the personal belief that much of the misery of the hotflash could be relieved by a folding fan revival, I offer this modest collection of links to sites concerned with the fan in history, with fan collecting, and with suppliers of modern-day folding fans in several price ranges.

General Sites About Fans

Smaller Fan Sites or Pages (noncommercial) Suppliers I
Personal Favorites (which mostly means I liked their sites; reflects personal bias for European fans and personal experience with one low-cost supplier. I haven't ordered from any except the last one) Suppliers II, other
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