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This site grew out of the online research of many dedicated posters to the newsgroup, with many diverging viewpoints, whose hours of reading and evaluating have created an important resource for the midlife woman. If you are unable to reach the newsgroup from the link above, ask your Internet provider how to connect to Usenet groups. You can also read the group or search its archives for particular subjects via DejaNews
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DISCLAIMERS: This Web site is the collective endeavor of many individual women, most of whom are not health care professionals. The links listed here reflect their opinions and biases, just as discussions on the newsgroup do. These links are not intended as the final source of information on menopause, but as a starting point for women seeking to learn more about the subject who may not have the time, energy or Web skills to search out this information for themselves.

We urge you to read with a critical eye. Remember that citations from studies may not necessarily reflect the full study findings, that experiment or survey designs may be flawed, and that creators of some web pages may be well-intentioned but misinformed.

Nothing here is intended as a substitute for competent medical advice. We hope, however, that this information will help women make informed choices about their own mid-life health care and quality of life, in consultation with their health-care providers.

A note about commercial sites: Many Web sites exist primarily to sell you something. Collaborators on this site have agreed to try to avoid blatantly commercial sites, unless they contain good information which we cannot find elsewhere. In such cases, we will label the links as commercial. Let the buyer beware.

The dedication of many regular posters to in compiling this list of links is gratefully acknowledged. We especially acknowledge Pat(Crone)/Tishy, the creator of the first unofficial a.s.m. web site, as our foremother and our inspiration. Send new link suggestions or report broken links to

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