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Proposed Site Map (11/2/98)

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This site map proposes a site with six major sections coming from one homepage. The homepage can contain brief dscriptions of the six major sections down one site, with the other site available for news items or, in the absence of news items, a very broad overview of the site.

The six proposed sections are shown below in tabular form. This table, as amended by the a.s.m. team, can become the site map. with the addition of hyperlinks to content. At the moment, Tripod only offers one level of subdirectories below the home directory. A division into six subdirectories should help to avoid the clutter that would exist if we put all files in one directory.

GEEK STUFF: Tripod has another characteristic that is likely to be problematic: at the moment, files can only be uploaded via their web interface, and only into the home directory. The problems this may cause if homepages and section pages are all named index.html should be self-evident. We can work around this, but it will take some forethought on the part of anyone who is uploading to the server.

Introduction/Site Map
  • "Homepage"--Short text introduction and site map (for whole web site)
  • Links to basic meno sites
  • Reading lists
  • Glossary
  • Where to find more info (medical search sites)
  • VOICES: a.s.m. readers meditate on menopause
  • "Homepage"--Short intro and contents
  • Hot flashes
  • Night sweats
  • Insomnia
  • Fuzzy thinking
  • Mood swings and depression
  • Link to list of symptoms
  • Link to monthly meno-chart
  • A page for other symptoms
  • VOICES: a.s.m. readers meditate on ways to approach symptoms
Those Hormones
  • "Homepage"--Short intro and contents
  • Risks and benefits (overview)
  • Links to online resources
  • What about those naturals?
  • VOICES: Panacea? Overprescibed? Something in the middle? a.s.m. readers reflect
Midlife Health Issues
  • Reading a study
  • Hearts
  • Bones
  • Breasts (cancer)
  • Uterus (function, removal, cancer)
  • Ovaries (function, removal, cancer)
  • Cognitive and emotional issues
  • VOICES: readers report on their changing approaches to learning about health care issues
Shifting Gears for Midlife
  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Herbs
  • Other wellness strategies
  • Evaluating "alternative" approaches to wellness
  • Recipes
Rag Bag (misc.)
  • Who we are
  • Grab bag of fun stuff

DISCLAIMERS:This Web site is the collective endeavor of many individual women, most of whom are not health care professionals. The links listed here reflect their opinions and biases, just as discussions on the newsgroup do. These links are not intended as the final source of information on menopause, but as a starting point for women seeking to learn more about the subject who may not have the time, energy or Web skills to search out this information for themselves.

We urge you to read witha critical eye. Remember that citations from studies may not necessarily reflect the full study findings, that experiment or survey designs may be flawed, and that creators of some web pages may be well-intentioned but misinformed.

Nothing here is intended as a substitute for competent medical advice. We hope, however, that this information will help women make informed choices about their own mid-life health care and quality of life, in consultation with their health-care providers.

A note about commercial sites: Many Web sites exist primarily to sell you something. Collaborators onthis site have agreed to try to avoid blatantly commercial sites, unless they contain good information which we cannot find elsewhere. In such cases, we will label the links as commercial. Let the buyer beware.

The dedication of many regular posters to in compiling this list of links is gratefully acknowledged. We especially acknowledge Pat(Crone)/Tishy, the creator of the first unofficial a.s.m. web site, as our foremother and our inspiration. Send new link suggestions or report broken links to

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